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Symbol: HQ71202
Size: 3ml
Manufacturer Fun Factory
Price:  3.00 PLN
Unit: Sztuka
Available:  Available on order
Shipping:  4-10 days


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BODYFLUID – For a gentle smooth ride on waves of passion

This sensuous BODYFLUID makes the skin velvety soft, smooth and reduces friction – for sensual peaks. BODYFLUID is tasteless and odorless – perfect for sex or for an erotic body massage.

Silicone based love gel
Highly concentrated
A little goes a long way
Velvety soft
Reduces friction
Tasteless and odorless
In a dispenser or sachet
Easy to use
Clean and exact dosage

Make intense moments even more intense. BODYFLUID is a highly efficient silicone-based love gel. It turns the skin velvety soft, is super smooth and reduces friction – perfect for sex and an erotic body massage.

The sensual BODYFLUID promises passionate lovemaking and is available in an elegant dispenser and as a sachet. 100 ml of this very efficient lubricant comes in an attractive and easy to use aluminum dispenser with a classy steel optic look. The pump guarantees
clean and exact dosage. For those who are curious to try it out, small amounts of 3 ml BODYFLUID are available in a sachet.

Just a little amount is enough for long-lasting fun without interruption. Vaginal, anal, as a pair, or solo – whatever brings pleasure. It's no problem to use it with condoms. The only thing you need to be careful of is that BODYFLUID and all other silicone based gels can
not be used with FUN FACTORY silicone toys, because a chemical reaction may occur, damaging the toy. For silicone toys, use our trusted FUN FACTORY TOYFLUID.

BODYFLUID is tasteless and odorless – simply the perfect supplement for the next passionate love marathon.

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